Stones and healing bracelets are Mother Nature’s gifts to us all. The healing properties of natural stone bracelets crystals have been in use since time immemorial.

Gemstone bracelets are extensively used for the treatment of physical and mental health. It also assists in circulating positive energy through our bodies, which helps us develop spiritually.

The wide variety of crystals and stone bracelet, and their distinctive properties result from various reasons. The distinct characteristics of various kinds of crystals are evidence of their development in the crust of the earth.

Each stone’s distinct color and unique characteristics represent specific healing properties that help restore and regulate the energy levels within the body, for example feminine energy bracelets

It is believed that the stone that is a crystal healer stone selects the person, and it is usually worn as protection bracelet. It’s not the other opposite. It is essential to pick the most effective stone like rose quartz to fully benefit from its amazing healing abilities.

Also, it is recommended not to overthink it when you are choosing one, let the mother earth decides. Your intuition will determine the best gemstone for you.


Crystal Healing Bracelets

Protect yourself from negative energy, and bring balance in your life. connections to individuals and places such as social gatherings, work, or even

your home is recommended since the negative energy attachments can build on you and may cause physical and mental fatigue and even sickness. People with a more energetic, root chakra, and sensitive nature must be more vigilant than others.

There are three major entrance points to bring light and power in your life through which negative energy can enter our human soul through either the chakras on your palms or in the 3rd eyespot at the rear of the neck. One of the ways that you can safeguard and cleanse yourself is through using jewellery made of stones, meditation or sound that makes you feel connected.

Jewellery made of crystals and gemstones can boost the energy of the body, and also makes you look fancy. It helps in keeping your chakras. Certain stones can also help overcome certain illnesses and protect from negative energies that can affect our everyday lives.

We offer a range of bracelets for protection against negativity and with intention of healing, intuition, psychic abilities, and beauty. Each of our bracelets is handmade, and therefore we can make them to a certain size or alchemy according to a specific planet that meets your specific needs.

Our bracelets are all blessed and ordained by Shaman Craig for the wearer’s best satisfaction, and you can purchase them from relative sites.


Size Guide:

There are two sizes available that are: Small (approx. 15.5-16.5cm within measurements) in addition to Large (approx.18.5-19.5cm within measurement). Simply determine how wide your wrist is to figure out the ideal measurement for you.

Please note that our small size is the norm for the 10mm size of bracelets (i.e. when you buy a 10mm bracelet from any retailer, it’s usually the same size). However, we also have a larger size to cater to those who prefer the looser size or want more substantial.

Bracelet Resizing and Repairs:

As with all products in time, the elastic that you put in your bracelet will start to wear out or become damaged and makes you worry. Either they require to be restrung or, in the event you prefer, a total replacement.

Be cautious not to overstretch your obsidian and moon bracelets, either when putting them on your wrists or if they are smaller for your wrist, or getting them on anything, or taking them off while cleaning the dishes or taking a shower will help ensure the integrity and the best potential longevity of the crystals and bracelet.

Buy Best Crystal Bracelets for women.

We provide a $5 per bracelet for the standard restring on the bracelets with stretchy beads of smoky quartz, whether purchased through us or from other sources. It is recommended to wear it in your left hand.


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