Bulk crystal pendants

Are you looking to create the jewelry of your own? If yes, you’ll be delighted with our bulk crystal pendants. If you’re looking to use a pendant to match the slender V-neck of your dress or showcase an array of pendants as earrings, the options for jewelry making are limitless.

There is a range of styles and colors available in bulk crystal pendants that allow you to create the perfect jewelry pieces for women, whatever your style preference at a perfect price. In Australia, the pendants are the real steal deal when it comes to fashion specifically on a holiday for women.

The most sought-after stones are as pendants. They come in different designs and one can sort out categories like a teardrop, pear-shaped starfish butterflies, pear-shaped cross, and numerous others. The customer mostly seeks pendants, earrings, and necklaces.


The majority of shapes come in various dimensions and colors, which means that you are able to customize each item of jewelry to fit your individual preferences. The Metal colored bulk crystal pendants are in great demand.

Our range of crystal pendants is ideal for shops looking to design an assortment of original, contemporary, and bohemian design that is their own at low prices. We carry a range of genuine gemstones sourced from the ancient earth balances in minerals and are perfect for pendants

Every color and kind are unique in its own significance and purpose. A particular account will be in search of a particular stone at a specific price, quality, and picture-friendly. We offer an impressive selection of categories that you can filter. Check out our collection of gorgeous new-age products. Purchase our stones today and receive coupons!

Are you looking for an array of stunning gemstones that have deep, rich color and intricate swirls and patterns that create a stunning appearance and a smooth feel on your body? Is selecting a crystal a problem for you?

Silverstone offers an incredible variety of exquisite gemstones that are picture-friendly. Not only this not only they will complement your body but will represent your culture and language. These are available in the online shop, with coupons, and are present in stock. We’re committed to satisfying our users with genuine, high-quality gemstones.

We are proud of the variety and value of our items. If you’re searching for an honest source of modern-day products for women, they are perfect for your wedding. Well! look no further than our extensive sort of gemstones and purchase them at Silverstone today!

Where to Buy Bulk Crystal Suppliers

Large quantities of Crystals imported bulk Crystals located in Australia. How do you begin?

Crystals are gaining in popularity. The buyer, buying different kinds of crystals and storing multiple sorts of crystals for their homes! Therefore, starting a business that sells crystals is an excellent idea for an entrepreneur with a small budget in a field that will operate effectively in near future.

Therefore, finding large suppliers of crystals for your company with a good reputation and top-quality products is difficult, mainly because there are so many available. We’ve conducted some research on the best bulk crystal suppliers in the world, and put together our top recommended stores. For example, Ali Express and other bulk Crystal Suppliers in Australia, and Israel with the highest rating and lower currency rates!


How did we choose crystal pendants in Australia?

We examine positive customer reviews and the number of sales, the time they’ve been operating for, and their price range. We’ve done the study so that you don’t have to! If you do not want to buy from these smaller companies, we suggest that you check out the list below of major international wholesale companies, and don” t waste any time. Tell out your friends, and family and confirm your orders. Make sure you don’t miss out on promotions and selling gifts.

WH Crystal

WH Crystal is a bulk crystal wholesale dealer and operates from Jiangsu, China. They sell pure crystal, crystal skulls, crystal clusters crystal balls, Agate carvings, crystal balls, and more to their customers. They offer their products on an Etsy retailer which are perfect for any wedding.


Positive Rating Feedback: 96%

The store stocks a variety of crystals in bulk, but they also sell crystal smoking pipes, water bottles, and other jewelry. AliExpress operates the store is rated with an 85% positive feedback score for sales.

Boutique Charms

Based in Hong Kong with more than 7200 online sales and a 4.8/5 rating, we believe Boutique Charms is the perfect location to buy bulk crystals, jewelry, and crystals. They sell at wholesale prices and also have a social media page.

Quartz Handicraft

Positive Feedback Rating: 97.5%

Quartz Handicraft Store is a bulk Crystals Supplier from China that offers a range of crystal wangs, stones, crystal balls as well as hand-engraved pendants as well as figurines perfect as a gift and ideal to fill any jewelry void! You can browse their products via their website address. They promise their customers fine quality and confirm them that they will have the best experience.

Stunning Gem

Wholesaler of bulk crystals, gems, nuggets, necklaces points, and other high-quality gem products. Stunning Gem boasts a massive 41,298 sold on Etsy with a 4.5/5 rating!

Your Perfect Gifts

With more than 111,000 sales and a 5-star rating with a 5 STAR rating. Your Perfect Gifts stocks bulk stones and crystals all you need at a bargain price. They have world-known recognition and the best wholesale prices. They also receive online payments

Positive Feedback Score: 96.7%

Although the store is not a name, they have excellent reviews! They provide a wide selection of decorative and bulk crystals at reasonable prices. They carry a variety of crystal jewelry that’s already made and ready to sell in the new online store. These pendants are available for only AU$2.20 per piece! A perfect wholesale experience. You can view them on their site or log in to their website.

Laughing Girl Store

Positive Feedback Score: 96.2%

The store specializes in crystal pipes, balls, metal color pendants, and wands. They also carry a broad assortment of crushed crystals too! If you are a new user you can view them on their website and can buy them in USD currency. They provide international shipping.

Amazing Crystals

This business is located in The United States more than 32,000 sales have been made on Etsy 5-star rating. Crystals sell large quantities of crystals, agates, necklaces, and gemstone jewelry, including selenite perfect for women’s pendants.

They ship internationally and give coupons and you can also avail them when their products are on promotion. So, remind your friends and family. If you pay them in advance also make sure of the security. Send them as gifts or use them ready-made, it’s all your choice how to wear them in a specific place.

Sister stone Official Store

If you’re searching for crystal items in Canada that are already made and ready for sale, then this is the store. They offer this sort of stones:

  1. Crystal Crowns and Crystal Headbands
  2.   Crystal Sphere Balls
  3.   Crystal Wants Crystal Obelisks and Crystal Healing Stones